Fine Rice Commodities, House of Fine Rice

Our Aim:

The food you cook and your family eats needs to have the best ingredients from across the world. For every rice dish you cook, we at Fine Rice Commodities wish it has the healthiest and tastiest grains in it. We don’t do just that. We supply and provide highest quality of rice to your doorstep.

Our Team:

At our workplace, every member follows a simple rule which is to provide the highest level of quality rice as it is our passion not compulsion. All the members of the team feel honored to supply high quality rice to our customers.

Our Speciality:

We consult in delivering high quality Basmati Rice across the world to people who want mineral fulfilled rice. Our Basmati is sourced from the Himalayan Ranges where the moderate climate, magical spring waters and pure soil enhances the quality of our rice.

Why Us?

Our rice are delicate with absolutely nature aroma and sweet flavors. We ensure that our rice will enhance the nutritional taste level of your meals. The non-sticky texture of our rice gives value to it being vegan, halal, Kosher, low in sodium and absolutely free of cholesterol and gluten.

Our Affiliations